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09 November 2008 @ 01:52 pm
Probation Check  
Probation Check Rules
-If a character doesn't post or comment for 2 weeks, they'll be added to the Warned list.
-If a character continues their inactivity for a further two weeks after being Warned, they will go on Probation. At that point, the character is considered dropped, and is available to be apped by someone else.
-To get off of the Warned list, you have to make a post of decent substance with the character in question. Aim for two solid paragraphs, but less is okay if there's a lot of interaction in the comments.
-To get off of the Probation list, you have to re-apply for the character, and we'd probably like a note on why you stopped being active with them before.
-Only in-character comments count for activity.

Characters Warned
Allen Walker
Joshua Kiryu
Kanda Yuu

Characters on Probation

Probation checks are every two weeks on Sunday. If we've made an error and your character has been active, please link us to where and we'll correct it.