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17 November 2008 @ 05:16 pm
The Store  
Alpha Complex society thrives on the virtues of capitalism. All Citizens are encouraged to spend what portion of their paycheck isn't taken up by mandatory expenses on a variety of fun and exciting products, listed below!

If you're not sure what your salary is, check the Clearance Levels page. If you're not sure how much money you have, check the Finances page (coming soon).

If you want to buy something, comment here detailing what you're buying and we'll deduct your account accordingly. If you don't see it on this list, comment here to request it, and we'll cite a price and Clearance Level for it, and possibly add it to the list. For assorted small things or financial transactions between players, make an OOC note of it where it happens, and direct a Mod's attention to it.

Food & Drink
6 pack Bouncy Bubble Beverage (Plain)INFRARED20cr
6 pack Bouncy Bubble Beverage (Classic)RED30cr
6 pack Bouncy Bubble Beverage (Extra Classic)ORANGE40cr
6 pack Bouncy Bubble Beverage (Tastes Like Orange)ORANGE40cr
6 pack Bouncy Bubble Beverage (Experimental Flavor #71)(illegal)200cr
1 bag CruncheeTym Algae Chips (Plain)INFRARED15cr
1 bag CruncheeTym Algae Chips (Less Plain)RED20cr
1 bag CruncheeTym Algae Chips (Triple Cheeze)YELLOW35cr
1 bag CruncheeTym Algae Chips (Hint of Guacamole)GREEN35cr
1 Vita-Yum Meal Substitute BarRED25cr
1 Vita-Yum Meal Substitute Bar Substitute PillORANGE25cr
1 Can Chocolyke Puff CrunchersORANGE50cr
1 tin Minty Breath-O-FreshenersORANGE20cr

Hygiene & Personal
Pocket MirrorRED50cr
20 Lemonie-Moistened TowelettesRED300cr
25 Bandages, self-stickORANGE100cr
Instant Cleans-O-SprayYELLOW250cr

Fun & Recreation
Computer-Authorized Song Download**RED10cr
Computer-Authorized Movie Download**ORANGE150cr
Computer-Authorized Videogame Download**ORANGE300cr
1 pack Cancer-Free CigarettesORANGE80cr
1 pack Cancer-Lite CigarettesRED60cr
1 bottle Alchohol-O-BeverageYELLOW300cr

Clothing & Accessories
Pen, plasticINFRARED30cr
Pen, metal w/ gold trimRED100cr
Gas MaskRED500cr
1 pair SneakersRED600cr
1 pair Hiking BootsYELLOW1200cr
1 pair Spare ShoelacesORANGE5cr
1 pair Heat-Resistant MittensORANGE300cr

Survival & Technology
Bullhorn w/ MegaBoosterRED500cr
1 meter PlasticordRED3cr
Slide RuleYELLOW100cr
Bifocal Magnifying GlassGREEN50cr
Collapsible Travel BagGREEN400cr
Geiger CounterBLUE1000cr
Multi-Tool Utility KnifeGREEN500cr
Night-Vision GogglesINDIGO3000cr

Computer (used)RED1000cr
Computer (new)ORANGE2000cr
Docbot Mk. IRED10000cr
Docbot Mk. II CustomBLUE50000cr
Warbot 425 Mk.IVULTRAVIOLET(not disclosed)

*We don't particularly want to list out prices for every article of clothing out there. Assume prices in a general 100-200cr range and Clearance RED for simple clothing, and 500-1000cr and Clearance ORANGE for nicer clothing. Particularly exotic clothing should be requested as a custom item.

**All available songs, movies, and games are carefully scrutinized by The Computer to ensure they contain ample amounts of Pro-Alpha-Complex, Anti-Communist messagery.

***Bots can also be rented for one week for 10% of the listed price.