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Alpha Complex is a Utopia!

Unhappiness is Treason!

Alpha Complex: The RP
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Stay Vigilant! Trust No One! Keep Your Laser Handy!
(This RP is no longer active.)

Welcome to Alpha Complex, Citizen! During your indefinite stay at our fantastic city, you will be happy! Happy Citizens are loyal Citizens! Non-loyal Citizens will be used as reactor shielding! You're not unhappy, are you?

-This is a multifandom LJ RP based on the tabletop roleplaying game Paranoia.

-New characters are brought to the city suddenly and against their will, and must make a new life for themselves in the city.

-Characters may be nice citizens, do jobs, root out traitors, and climb the ranks all the way up to Clearance Level VIOLET.

-Alternately, they may be bad citizens, join secret societies, sabotage the city, backstab their friends, commit treason, and try to take down the city's all-powerful ruler, The Computer.

-A TRUE Citizen will attempt to do all of these things at once.

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